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Priority Courier Experts is one of our nation's top ranked same-day delivery companies. As we continue to grow, Priority Courier Experts has opportunities for independent contractors driving their own late model car, minivan, small pickup, large pickup, cargo van, sprinter van, dock truck, flatbed, curtain side, or day cab tractor.

If you're a qualified driver but don't have a vehicle, ask about our industry leading lease-to-own program; where you can use your driving experience as your credit qualifier and be on the road in just three days. You will own your vehicle the day you make your last payment. We run the most ethical lease-to-own program in the business and never up-charge the vehicle. You pay exactly what we pay. Honest and ethical is who we are, and we've turned over more than 350 titles to drivers just like you. Lease opportunities are very limited so call us today to hear more about the program.

Annual earning potentials

  • Cars: $47,000
  • Vehicles
  • Small pickups: $50,000
  • Cargo & sprinter vans:$70,000
  • Dock trucks: $126,000
  • Flatbeds: $136,000
  • Curtainside: $147,000
  • Flatbeds with Moffet: $147,000
  • Day cab tractors with trailer: $180,000

Independent Contractor Qualifications

  • Minimum age requirement is 23
  • Must have a valid Minnesota or Wisconsin Drivers license
  • Must have a valid DOT health card (we can direct you where to go)
  • Must have a reasonably clean driving record. No DWI or Reckless in last three years
  • No DOT reported at fault accidents
  • Verifiable 3 year contract or employment history
  • Must be incorporated as a Minnesota LLC or S corp. (we can direct you where to go)

Benefits of Being an Independent Contractor with Priority Courier Experts

  • Start from your driveway every day to service the largest quality customer base in Minnesota.
  • When you sign on with Priority, thousands of Minnesota's most successful businesses have your number.
  • Priority employs the industry's most seasoned and professional dispatch team. Why might this matter to you? Every job you get comes from a dispatcher. So wouldn't you rather work with the best?
  • Daily reconcile of your earnings are emailed to you every night.
  • Your settlement is direct deposited every week.
  • We use easy to learn communication devices with signature capture.
  • Two way radios ensure you can hear everything that goes on the instant you need to, which means no more missed exits or turning around to get work you already drove past.
  • You have the freedom to set your own work schedule. Work as much and as long as you like. When your wheels are rolling, you're making money at Priority.
  • Priority operates 24/7/365.
  • 98% of our deliveries are in town and same day. No matter what vehicle type you choose to drive, you're home every night.

VehiclesCall fleet services today and we'll get you going. The start up process is simple. Successful contractors will have the financial resources to fund their start up expenses for a period of three weeks until compensation (settlements) are direct deposited to their bank account on a weekly basis.

Please forward your information via our information submission form and we will contact you within 4 business hours, or call us at (651) 748-4465.